International Meeting Skills (IMS)


This seminar covers the common challenges experienced people face when having to pursue national interests while seeking compromise and achieving consensus. Using our meeting and negotiating tools, developed for and delivered to central bankers and financial regulators for fifteen years, delegates can expect to cover:

  • Accelerated relationship building and trust
  • Networking as part of a strategy
  • Practical and persuasive argumentation
  • Effective interventions, steering and pursuing a minority position
  • Influencing key players and providing effective responses
  • Forming strategic alliances and building consensus
  • The additional day prepares you for handling a personal negotiation or communication challenge


Target group

The seminar is aimed at those who have had considerable exposure to international meetings and negotiations, who understand the subtleties of the process of multilateral decision-making and who wish to excel by sharing and experimenting with others of a similar level of experience. Typical delegates would include technical specialists and junior/middle managers with a minimum experience of eight multilateral international meetings over two years. The seminar is aimed at those with recent and relevant exposure in order to generate the most effective level of sharing.

Training method

  • Introductions to short theoretical structures and tools
  • Individual practice of the tools under the guidance of an experienced trainer in small sub-groups of one trainer to six delegates
  • Discussions, case histories and presentations
  • Experiential exercises, simulations and games
  • Extensive peer-group feedback on personal performance
  • Full de-brief from the trainers and recommendations
  • Learning by doing, discussion, practise, reflection, feedback and re-trying


Dates and location

14-17 October 2024 - Florence

Alternatives include Frankfurt/Vienna/London

Options to suit your every need

We offer the seminar with options over duration, as one complete block suits some of you whereas others can only take off two days at a time.   The seminar comprises three sessions that build on each other and use the lessons from previous sessions.     The three sessions are i) essential tools - 2 days; ii)  strategic alliances and consensus building - 1 day simulation; iii) live issues based on conflicts or difficulties in communicating from your own working life.  We have put these sessions into modular, three-day and four-day format so you can choose what is best for you.


Areas covered include:

  • Building rapport and accelerating the relationship building proce
  • Strategic networking to support the meeting
  • How to make effective and well-timed interventions
  • Structuring your point for greatest impact
  • Influencing others for positive results
  • Managing your reactions and responses in an intercultural setting
  • Overcoming the personal and environmental challenges of conference calls
  • Overcoming personal challenges (individual issues)
international meeting skills

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International Meeting Skills

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