Advanced International Negotiation Skills

A four day course either comprising two modules of two days per module held at different locations in Europe, or a consecutive three day seminar. Ideal for those with some experience in the role of negotiator or those having to take an international role.

The course takes you through a process that helps you remain aware of the opportunities and dangers in international negotiations while pursuing sustainable outcomes.

Training methods include short theoretical introductions, simulations with video playback, personal feedback, role-play, discussions and learning by doing.

Areas covered include:

  • Preparing for and structuring the negotiation process
  • Personal style and public image: enhancing your personal impact
  • Good faith, rapport and building trust in an international setting
  • On-line and off-line negotiations and their functions within your strategy
  • ‘Wriggle room’, dissent and saying ‘No’ in an international context
  • Managing conflict, deadlock, poor attitude and dirty tricks
  • Collaborating, building and finding creative solutions
  • Finding the edge in bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiations
International Negotiation

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