Effective Leadership & International Communication In Teams

Diverse situational leading and moving through unconscious bias


Course description

The ELICIT course takes the participant on the journey of understanding the part effective communication has in effective leadership of international teams, identifying personal needs and preferences and how this can produce unconscious bias, overcoming that bias by using simple, tried and tested communication tools, and finally lots of simulations and role-plays bringing to life both commonly reported challenges for team leaders and the participant’s own real challenge s/he has faced or expect to face.

We use individual interview and coaching sessions before and during the course to help you apply the tools to your working life and make the role-plays as pertinent and realistic as possible.


Online and physical courses

The online course comprises 6 sessions of 3 hours each session, including a 20 minute break in the middle.  Online courses are limited to six participants per course.

The physical course is 4-day’s duration, with timings each day of 09.30 to 04.30, including a one hour lunch break and a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break of 20 minutes.  Physical courses are limited to 9 participants per course.

Extra courses can be arranged to those listed above.


Course plan

Online course (all times are in CET) - Log in from 09.45; start at 10.00; break at about 11.00 for 20 minutes; continue to 13.00.  Session run the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday over two consecutive weeks.  The days can be changed with mutual agreement.

There will be a minimum of two private sessions: the first will be before the course starts and will be a chance to get to know you and understand what you are looking for from the course; the second will be your live issue interview held during the course, where your trainer will help you re-create a challenging moment from your own life involving leadership and communication.


Course content

Session 1 – Style & Image

  • MENTOR model
  • Playing with your online style & image
  • Relationship building and rapport
  • SWAG personality profiler – badge creation identifying needs and preferences and how others see you


Session 2 – Power of Rapport

  • IRIS – the intervention, recognition and inclusion tool to get the team listening to each other
  • The 3 Rs – Reflect, Re-iterate and Recognise
  • Diversity and dissent – identifying it and reacting proportionately
  • Body language


Session 3 – Expectations and attacks

  • Forms of attack and why they happen
  • Defusing the bomb
  • Role-plays


Session 4 – The Three Es

  • Establishing, exploring and eliminating gaps in performance
  • The ‘Gear-change’ questioning technique
  • The Performance : Growth model
  • Role-plays practising the models and tools


Sessions 5 & 6 – Personal live issues

  • Role-play an issue affecting your working life or which has challenged you in the past
  • Participate in the coaching and development of fellow participants on the course through their live issue
  • Creation of personal learning and development goals


Learning methods

Small group learning - The course is intended by us to be highly interactive. The course only recruits small numbers of participants for maximum personal attention and practise time.  The online course is restricted to six participants and the physical course has a maximum intake of nine participants.

Highly interactive - By highly interactive we mean that not only do you get a chance to try out the tools for yourself, you also get deeply involved in giving positive feedback to your colleagues on the course.  This combination of practising, observing and coaching/mentoring really reinforces the lessons most relevant to you and ensures you will continue to remember those lessons when they become relevant in your working life.

Role-play & simulations - The other key learning method is our use of role-play.  We use professional actors who are also highly experienced trainers and coaches.  We write the generic role-plays based on common challenges we have researched for team leaders in central banking.  L&D research shows that we behave and respond in role-plays the same as in real life.  The reason being that we can only exercise conscious control of ourselves for short periods before we are forced back to our unconscious usual behaviour when confronted with a new challenge.  Hence role-play is the ideal medium for exploring unconscious bias, breaking habits and holding a mirror up to ourselves for us to learn how other people see us.


Awareness and skills the training will help you acquire

  • Identification of the personal and unconscious values that shape your choices and those of others and how they impact on your leadership
  • Awareness of agreement and dissent in a diverse working environment
  • How to develop a team culture (proactive/reactive) with reference to Frontline’s MENTOR model; build a team that thinks for itself yet learns together
  • How to support issues of diversity, sensitivity and offence while maintaining a focus on the task
  • How to establish expectations and hold team members to account
  • Manage discipline, broken preferences and provide corrective feedback
  • Explore personal case studies and challenges as a team leader


Why these skills are important for your job

  • Helps you plan, guide and train your team towards your preferred style of performance towards the work and each other
  • Save time and avoid the effort of retrieving goodwill by becoming sensitised to your unconscious bias and how that reveals itself in your responses; recognise the impression that makes on others and the impact it can have on team performance
  • You will become more competitive and collaborative by seeing a bigger picture in issues such as co-operation with other teams, instructions from senior management, delegation and potential leverage; by developing your appraisal of opportunities and threats you will increase your credibility, efficiency and trustworthiness


Target population for courses

While primarily aimed at team leaders and those competing or aspiring to that role, effective leadership and communication in teams are competencies that improve the professional performance of anyone engaged in today’s style of team-working.  Therefore, the course is open to all grades, including experts/specialists and management.

Taking a leading role in your team and communicating productively is not confined solely to the role of Team Leader, and management will find it beneficial to check on their style, what they intend and how they come across to others.  The role-plays covering current working issues are great discussion points for teams and for raising awareness of the impact we can on others, often unwittingly.

This course is for anyone who works with others and wishes to make life more engaging and easier for themselves.

Proposed dates

We offer the ELICIT course as both online and physical training.  Preferences and capacity to provide either form will be decided nearer the time of delivery.  The dates given below are for guidance only and may be subject to change, depending on the needs and availability of the group.  You have been given the dates of online courses and you may assume that dates for a physical course would cover one of the selected weeks.


ELICIT 1 - May 2022 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


10 11 12


17 18 19





ELICIT 2 - June 2022 7 8 9


14 15 16


ELICIT 3 – October 2022 4 5 6


11 12 13



On-line course

  • 6 x 3 hour sessions
  • Small group up to six participants
  • Up to 3 one-to-one sessions, before during and after the course
  • Extensive manual and guide book


Physical course

  • 4 days in Frankfurt or at a location acceptable to your directorate
  • Small group up to six participants
  • Up to 3 one-to-one sessions, before during and after the course
  • Extensive manual and guide book


Areas covered include:

  • Encouraging the creative leader
  • Supporting the practical leader
  • Structuring the adaptable leader
  • Enabling the performance leader
  • Confidence- building for stressful inter-changes
  • Finding the right words to manage the situation
  • Remaining true to yourself and your values whilst accommodating your team
  • Leading and managing cross-cultural teams
the creative leader

Dates for online version

ELICIT 1 - May 2022 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


10 11 12


17 18 19





ELICIT 2 - June 2022 7 8 9


14 15 16


ELICIT 3 – October 2022 4 5 6


11 12 13

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