International Chairing Skills

This four-day programme, tried and tested over many years with leading international organisations and government institutions, will provide you with the structures and practise to overcome the many challenges of chairing a meeting and excel in this role.

Whether you have many years experience or are new to this responsibility there will be something on this course for you.  This comprehensive look at chairing helps you create the right structure and atmosphere for the group you are chairing and the obstacles they can conjure to you reaching your goals.

As a secondary aim the course will help you support a 'weak' or inexperienced chair without patronising them or taking away their confidence.

You will leave the course with a road map as to how to construct, co-ordinate, channel, control and close the meeting on time.  Above all you will learn to enjoy the role, knowing you have to skills, techniques and confidence at your finger tips.

Areas covered include:

  • In at the deep end - exercise to draw out ideas on good practice
  • Simple chairing structure, practice and video playback
  • Chair's introduction exercise - for enabling the chair to set the scene, set the rules and take control from the outset
  • Language and techniques for intervening positively, steering and maintaining control
  • Language and structure for taking control and re-focusing the meeting
  • Linking phrases for moving from one point to another
  • Use of questions for maintaining control and handling questions and answers
  • The CLAD model for designing, timing and structuring your meetings and ensuring all essential aspects have been addressed
  • The CLAD model for assessing one's personal preferences
  • Supporting the chair
  • Chairing Chit Chat - for gaining fore knowledge of the mood and emphasis of those attending the meeting
  • Handling common challenges
  • Handling specific challenges
  • Personal feedback and development plan
strategic alliance

Dates & Location

29-30 November & 11-12 December 2023 (course split into two modules) - Frankfurt

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International Chairing Skills

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