International Leadership & Management Skills

This four-day programme aligns the need to encourage new thinking with the need for clear leadership. This course covers your personal ability to be creative as a new leader as well as your need to manage and encourage  those under you in a number of common situations.

Using the latest thinking about leadership we explore blocks and inhibitions and establishing the right environment for creative thinking. We cover resilience while working within your favoured style and when adopting different styles of leadership together with managing communication in your team.  Drama techniques and role-play is used throughout to help you wear the different colours of leadership in a way in which you feel comfortable and authentic.

The ILM seminar needs courage, clarity, credibility and structured communication if s/he is to gain acceptance from others. These are supported by spontaneity, imagination and confidence. This course takes you through these stages, ensuring your competence in each.

Areas covered include:

  • Encouraging the creative leader
  • Supporting the practical leader
  • Structuring the adaptable leader
  • Enabling the performance leader
  • Confidence- building for stressful inter-changes
  • Finding the right words to manage the situation
  • Remaining true to yourself and your values whilst accommodating your team
  • Leading and managing cross-cultural teams
the creative leader

Dates and options for locations

11-14 June 2019 - ECB Main Building, Frankfurt

15-18 October 2019 - TBC

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