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This was a very useful seminar that was flexible in its format.  John really stretched me to be structured and yet expressive.  The studio session was particularly fulfilling and allowed us to use the structures we had learned in a real-life media setting under pressure and having to think on our feet.  All-in-all a very worthwhile training that produced a big difference in me with my performance and confidence in handling an Anglo-Saxon media environment.

Michael Broening, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

This was a fantastic workshop and I would not have expected such a useful output from a soft skills training. The inter-active roleplays and working in small groups were highly efficient and the trainers were not only competent, but also highly entertaining. Many thanks to John and his team!

Christian Elbers, BaFin

This was an excellent seminar which will help me in formulating stories and messages within our organisation as well as to the media.  It has altered the way I view the delivery of messages and information and will be of great value to me in the future.

Michele Auga, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung