Strategic Networking

This comprises a two-day initial module with a follow-up module or telephone coaching. The seminar helps you build, maintain and share your network and provides a template for managing your network, enhancing relationships and delivering on promises.

You will practise effective networking and liaison techniques when working internationally and build learn to use networking to support your other professional functions.

We will explore the distinction between general networking and specific liaison for a meeting. You will be required to choose a personal networking project as a basis for learning and report on this project at the follow-up.

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding where networking fits in your particular professional life
  • Building, maintaining, and sharing your network and network swapping
  • Body language, voice and speech and personal impact while networking
  • Rocks, Hot-spots, questions and sharing information
  • Strategic networking, or liasing, and its use in off-line negotiations
  • Building a network for career enhancement
  • Networking for crisis management
Strategic Networking

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